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Article :: Trade Show Trinkets

You may think you’ll never have a display table at a trade show or event so how does this topic pertain to you? Anyone who attends networking events, wants to bring pop-by gifts to clients or has children who attend school or has parties can find value in promotional products.

Just how effective is marketing with Promotional Products? According to Entrepreneur magazine, nearly 90% of consumers can recall the name of the advertiser on a Promotional Product they received in the past 24 months. That’s awesome for your brand!

How do you find an appropriate item to purchase? The best solution is to find something that people will love that also represents your company or industry.

One recent example was for a client who owns a commercial fence company. My client was having a display table at a national event and wanted several items he could give to those stopping by his table. The first item he wanted was pens because, who doesn’t love pens! The second item we suggested turned out to be even more popular than the pens. Merging his industry (fence construction) with a popular promotional item (stress balls), we suggested stress hammers. These were enormously popular throughout the day. 

A Realtor client and a lawyer client have found great use for custom laser engraved USB drives. Another real estate professional requested tote bags with sponsors’ logos for an event she was coordinating.

Elementary school children will love pencils with their name or words of inspiration on them that they can keep or share with their friends.

There are lots of choices within each category of promotional items. Stress balls are available in many shapes, sizes, colors and categories. Pens can have an attached stylus or come in the shape of a head with hair that doubles as a screen cleaner.

Promotional products can display your logo on tote bags, Post-It Notes, notebooks, drinkware, koozies or backpacks, to name a few popular items. Once you have an idea of your budget, items can be suggested that are functional, fun or frivolous. Whatever will get your brand noticed and remembered!

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