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Article :: The Three-Second Rule

Raise your hand if looking good is important to you. Every hand should be raised unless you’re in a public place and it would look strange. When you answer this question, are you thinking the question referred to the way you dress, style your hair or wear your makeup? Truth is, the question actually referred to your business collateral material.

It takes three seconds for someone to form an opinion of you and that refers to all of the above. If you go into a business meeting in a sweat suit, you’ll evoke a very different reaction than if you’re wearing a business suit. The same thing goes for your marketing material.

When you hand out your business card, brochure or other printed piece, it should check off all the aesthetic boxes. It should be designed well and printed on quality paper stock. Brochures should be machine-folded. Colors should be vibrant and printed edge-to-edge rather than with a white border which is a sure tip-off that it was either printed at home or on a color copier which does not have full bleed technology. People notice these things and will judge you for it. Face it, we’re a rather judgmental society.

There are design flaws that may readily indicate a lack of professionalism. Use of too many typestyles in a printed piece or typing in all caps using a script font are two examples. Huge amounts of text without white space or graphics to break up the verbiage is another indication of amateur design.

To be taken seriously, it’s a good idea to consult a graphic design professional who knows these secrets. Perhaps small changes are all that’s needed. At times, a complete overhaul is warranted. A good Graphic Designer will be honest with you. After all, telling you what you want to hear instead of what will put you in the best light with your clients and prospects is not beneficial to you.

We Graphic Designers are entrusted with making you look good by producing quality, effective marketing pieces that reflect you and your business strategy. Those first three seconds when someone forms their opinion of you and your business are critical. Make them count in the best way possible by relying on someone who will collaborate with you to produce excellent results.

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