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Article :: The Art of Writing

Over the past several years, I’ve noticed the amount of handwritten correspondence in my mailbox had dwindled to next to nothing. Growing up, I’d received far more cards and letters even though I knew far fewer people. Even the number of holiday cards I receive is reduced each year.

The art of hand-writing and sending posted correspondence is becoming lost. With email and texting, reaching out has never been easier and more expedient. Yes, there are some things that are far more convenient to do by text or email. In fact, early in my business, without a cell phone and with only an overtaxed, slow dial up internet connection, jobs got to the printer the old-fashioned way – putting them on a disk and hand-carrying them. Many times, I’d get home and listen to a client’s voice on my answering machine asking for “one more change”. So, the process would begin all over again.

There’s something very special about receiving an actual card in the mail on my birthday or when a client sends a thank you because they are thrilled with the job I did for them. These are things that are appreciated and remembered.

Because cards are sent for a variety of reasons, I’ve designed custom note cards for both my business and my personal correspondence. While my business note cards have all my branding elements, my personal cards are informal, yet they carry my business branding colors. I’ve also created custom stickers for each set: my business stickers are my die-cut logo and my personal stickers are an element taken from the card design. They are used to seal the back of the envelopes.

I try to always be mindful of the warm effect cards have and it goes back to a lesson I learned from my mother when I was young. I make a conscious decision to send thank you notes for business or personal reasons. I send holiday cards. I send notes of congratulations and condolences. My mother taught how important acknowledgement is and so I’ve chosen to show my gratitude to others by sending cards.

As good as if feels to receive cards, it’s also amazing to walk into a client’s office and see my card on a bulletin board. That’s when I know the Art of Writing still means something.

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