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Article :: How to Cut Costs While Still Using a Graphic Designer

A common misconception about using a Graphic Designer/Print Reseller is that it’s going to cost you more in the long run. Those television ads are quite compelling as they proclaim you can purchase business cards for as little as $9.99. Heck, I’m a Graphic Designer and even I was tempted to take a look! However, like many things in life, what you see is not always what you get. How exciting are those ads where they show foil and embossing and spot coatings all while throwing out that $9.99 number! Keep in mind that the disclaimer says “starting at…” which means that no, you’re not getting gold foil for $9.99. You’re also not getting back side printing for that price.

On the day that I took a look to comparison price shop, I found that this company’s 16 pt glossy stock, two-sided 1,000 business cards were actually more expensive than my comparable cards and this item, ordered from my company, does not have a shipping charge.

Where you will pay a bit more with a professional Graphic Designer is on the design itself but that’s a one-time charge unless significant changes are requested in the future. What you will get is marketing material that’s uniquely you. You’ll get design experience and advice. You’ll be notified when provided pictures are too low resolution to reproduce properly or when your photo uses web colors rather than print colors which makes a huge difference in the colors that will print versus what you see on your screen. You’ll be told when your font choices conflict rather than compliment, when the blues of your logo will shift purple because the color values are off. All of this can save you money because you won’t have to reprint your order using different (modified) graphics.

A Graphic Designer who is also a Print Professional knows how to save money on print and often uses vendors who honor the designer relationship by providing deeply discounted wholesale prices only available to the design trade. For example, by using a wholesale vendor, one client received 900 more brochures on a quantity of 1,000 versus using a non-wholesale vendor. Which makes better financial sense for your company?

Graphic Designers should also make sure they explain quantity discounts to their clients as the main cost of professional printing is not in the paper or the ink – it’s in the setup on the press. I counsel my clients that the per piece cost is often significantly less the more you order. I’ll often show one price break higher than a requested quantity because it makes better financial sense for the client.

All in all, an experienced Graphic Designer can show you how to save money while looking great in print.

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