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Article :: How Do You Wear Your Brand?

Wearing your brand is not only a sign of internal loyalty but also of proudness for your company or the one you represent. Take a look at employees in many stores and see how they wear their company’s brand. Our veterinary clinic, for example, has its employees wear scrubs with logos and the employee’s name. This helps clients identify the employee and be able to call them by his or her name. It’s a warmer atmosphere and one where the clients feel like they’re getting more personalized service.

There are many ways to wear your brand, from apparel to name badges to tote bags. What you wear may depend on several factors like budget, use and even whether your company recognizes the importance of branding. Even wearing the company colors can be considered branding. The main point is that the more you wear your logo, colors and name (yours and/or the company’s), the more brand recognition you will garner and the more you’ll be remembered.

Ladies can use their brand colors when selecting accessories like earrings, bracelets and scarves. Consider integrating logo colors into your nail designs. The more you display your logo and colors, the easier your brand will be to identify to clients and prospects. It’s a subliminal message and one that, when repeated, adds professionalism, legitimacy and identity.

The most cost-effective way to wear your brand is a name badge. These days, name badges have many styles, shapes and materials. They can be made of wood, plastic, metallic, chalkboard material or even have slots for temporary names. They can be surrounded by “Badge Talkers” which temporarily encase the badge to identify sales or limited time offers. Badges can be round, oval, rectangular or a combination of round and rectangular. They can have a variety of backing styles including pins or magnetic clasps. A helpful tidbit for wearing badges is to place the badge on the upper right side of your chest. The reason is because when someone shakes your hand, they are looking towards your right side. You want them to have an easy view of your name and your company name and/or logo.

Going a step further, apparel gives direct visual appeal for those choosing to display their brand this way. Shirts, hats and aprons are popular choices for branded apparel. There are several processes that can be used including vinyl, screen printing, direct-to-garment, direct-to-film and embroidery. Which method you choose can be dependent on the quantity you need, your budget and the choice of wearable product. Embroidered products will nearly always have a one-time digitizing fee. Screen printing is most cost-effective when printing a higher quantity. Direct-to-garment or direct-to-film are excellent options when you only need a few items. Your designer/print professional can guide you to the best solution for your needs.

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