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Article :: Consistency in Marketing

A friend recently posted a live video about consistency in branding. While she was mainly referring to consistency in social media marketing, the same is true for print marketing.

If you’re thinking, “I don’t have a brand”, you’re missing a huge part of your marketing. A ‘brand’ is not only your logo, the colors you use in your marketing pieces and the way your company presents itself, it’s also the way that YOU present yourself. It’s your personal style, your elevator pitch and, yes, your social media posts. Anything that has to do with what people see when they look at you or what you give them to represent you is your brand (think business cards, brochures and the rest of your print material).

If you work for someone else’s company or you are part of an MLM company, your company’s brand is already set. Their product packaging, their flyers and such may be something you cannot control but there are things you can promote independently.

Many real estate companies, for example, are now letting their agents brand themselves. There are guidelines on how they can use their brands and certain size restrictions but in many companies, the addition of these branding guidelines lets the agent’s individuality shine through.

Big companies recognize the importance of brand consistency in marketing. They set standards for the exact colors and fonts that must be used and even how the logo is to be used, whether in print or on the web. This consistency is essential for brand recognition.

While many of us have smaller businesses, brand identity is still critical. Seeing logos that are stretched out of proportion, fonts that don’t work well together or colors that are not consistent makes a company look unprofessional.

The other important facet of consistency is that repetition breeds familiarity. The more your brand identity is seen, the more it is remembered. It’s a way to reinforce what you want your clients and prospects to remember.

Finally, brand consistency is for all of your marketing: print, web and social media. Wearing your branding colors, when possible, reiterates your brand without you having to say a word. My company’s brand colors are black, white and magenta. That’s why you may notice I use magenta staples on my documents. Anything for the brand!

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