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Article :: Anatomy of a Client

One of the best things about being a freelance Graphic Designer is the variety of clients and the opportunity to work with people with different personalities and different stories to tell.

Good graphic design starts with a relationship. In order to truly reflect a client in print, it’s essential to understand that person. By exploring who the client is on a personal level in addition to their goals for their business, designs can be tailored accordingly.

This commitment to learning about a client and his or her business offers a huge benefit over DIY online printers who never meet their clients. These companies print what they’re given, regardless of spelling errors, poor quality photos and graphics or formatting mistakes. The prospect of not hiring a designer is tempting but consider what the above errors will say about a business. Even if everything looks good on your computer screen, it may not translate well to print. Because web and print use completely different color spaces, if the proper one isn’t used for printing, photos may shift red and, in many cases, yield less than ideal results.

Every piece of marketing material that clients hand out to their clients and prospects must be attractive, functional and effective. That means that everything with your name and logo represents you. While you might assume nobody will notice these missteps, rest assured that they will and the result will not put your or your company in a positive light.

Dr. Ralf Speth, CEO of Jaguar, said, “If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”

By getting to know my clients and paying attention to the details, I can assure that designs will not only be unique and reflect each individual but do so in the best possible light. My goal is to produce exceptional products that will truly represent each client based upon what I learn while building our relationship. See samples of how relationship building positively affects clients and their companies here:

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