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Article :: 20 in 2020

20 years is, undoubtedly, a milestone. Whether we’re talking about age, the length of a marriage or a business anniversary, 20 years is something to celebrate.

When I think back on the past 20 years since I took a leap of faith and formed Page by Page Graphic Design, I can still remember the excitement, nervousness and trepidation that I felt when I left my first graphic design job. I recall the thrill of setting up filing systems, purchasing office supplies and a proper desk chair (which I still use to this day) and strategizing how to build my business from scratch. In 2000, there weren’t the amount of networking opportunities there are today. So much of what I did, from organizing my office to building my brand, was trial and error and each step helped me improve on the one before. Ask me someday to tell you about how important it is to measure properly when purchasing a new computer monitor and how it came to be that I ended up having to purchase all new office furniture because of bad measurements. That’s a story for another time.

I’ve been blessed with the most amazing clients, some of whom are still my clients to this day. My design philosophy is a collaborative one and I’ve loved working with my clients to develop branding they are proud to hand out to prospects and clients. I’ve had clients who know exactly what they want and others who trust me to develop complete marketing systems for them because they know I’ll honor their brand and lead them in the right direction, fairly and creatively.

I’ve created an award-winning company that I’m proud to represent and I’ve done it with honesty, integrity and authenticity. Through the years, I’ve added many products and services so that I can offer the most unique and interesting options to my clients. Twenty years ago, I could never imagine printing on wood or suede but these options are there today. Software has changed, too. Adobe Pagemaker became the Adobe Creative Suite and then the Creative Cloud.

What hasn’t changed is my commitment to my clients or my excitement for shiny new sample packs from my vendors. I still love finding new fonts and delight in creating just the right design. I still love learning new techniques, meeting new people and stretching myself beyond my comfort zone (videos!).

20 years is something very sacred to me. It allows me to look back through the years, acknowledge those who have been there since the beginning and welcome those who have joined along the way. Many thanks to those who have taken the journey with me, whether it was for one marketing piece or a campaign. You are sincerely appreciated.

Here’s to many more years of making clients look good in print.

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