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Article :: 10 Unique Reasons to Hire a Graphic Designer

When most people think of Graphic Design, they typically think of business cards and brochures. There are many more areas, both business and personal, where a Graphic Designer can be of assistance. Here are 10 ideas you may not have considered:

  1. Car Magnets and Decals: Whether you’re advertising your business, your children’s school or sports team or a social cause, car magnets and window decals are your roving billboard. Affordable and effective in getting you noticed, these are a great addition to getting the word out to a large number of people simply by driving your car.
  2. Promotional Products and Apparel: From pens to koozies, USB drives to tote bags and wearable items, everybody loves promotional products. Print a fun beach ball or frisbee for summer events, stress relievers for schools to give at test time or t-shirts to give to staff or to sell for fundraisers. A Graphic Designer who also works with promotional products can help you find items that fit your needs and your budget as well as show you unique items that will wow the crowd.
  3. Calling Cards and Trading Cards: For people who don’t have a business but still want the convenience of handing out a card with contact information, calling cards can be designed expertly to fit your personality. For a slightly larger look, trading cards can promote you, your pet, your passion or be a great way to celebrate your child. Use them personally or in business to highlight a promotion or event your company may be having.
  4. Wedding Programs: While you may have selected your custom invitations to the wedding itself, having a Graphic Designer prepare and print your wedding program can be very cost-effective. This will allow you to scratch one more thing off your list of things to do for the wedding and you’ll be in good hands with someone who can create something that is uniquely you.
  5. Playing Cards: Great for giveaways, parties and celebrations, playing cards are a fun addition to both personal events and business marketing. Consider the reaction when your child’s friends find a memento of the occasion in their birthday party goody bags. For business events, companies can brand playing cards with their logo and contact information for an unusual giveaway item. The great thing is that these are long-lasting gifts that will get used and remembered.
  6. Holiday Cards: Everybody loves receiving holiday cards, especially when they are custom-created rather than from a generic box that other people are also purchasing. Holiday cards can be serious or tremendous fun. Let a Graphic Designer help your personality shine through with your own personal design. Businesses can also benefit from custom printed holiday cards as the message can be tailored to suit your company.
  7. Laser Engraving: Many things can be laser engraved – drinkware, cutting boards and glass items are just a few examples. Laser engraved items make extraordinary gifts for any household. Imagine getting a cutting board with your family name on it as a gift from your real estate agent or giving a set of laser engraved wine glasses to a bride and groom. These mementos will be cherished forever.
  8. Stickers and Labels: Stickers and labels have many uses and come in a variety of shapes and sizes; some are even die cut instead of the usual circle, square or rectangle. Use them as address labels, with your logo on envelope flaps or even print stickers with your children’s faces on them for whimsical fun. You’re only limited by your imagination!
  9. Door Signs: Custom creating signs for your front door as welcome signs or to ward off solicitors can show your serious or humorous side. Each sign is made to your specifications, with your words and design.
  10. Glass Boards: Glass boards begin at 18” x 24” and go to conference room size. They are designed specifically for each person or business and can be magnetized on the back so they hold rare earth magnets on the front. Instead of searching for your dry erase marker or eraser (because they are never where you left them!), items with rare earth magnets can be placed on the board itself where they will remain until you remove them. Company logos, photos or children’s names can be printed behind the glass board. Installation is available as an option.

There are many other unique reasons to hire a Graphic Designer. Contact Page by Page Graphic Design at 281.703.1040 or for more unique ideas.

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