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PerlaVision BC Front

Sal Perla, owner of PerlaVision Photography, needed a logo and new business cards. After creating his logo, a mini-portfolio was designed for his business cards. What better way to showcase a great photographer than to use his photos on his business cards?

A unique tri-fold business card was suggested as it allows for six panels rather than the two (front and back) on a standard business card. Panel #1, the front of the business card holds a prominent logo along with his name and contact information. Inside are three photos - each utilizing a separate panel. Flipping up the bottom panel displays one more of Perla's photos. For the back panel, it was suggested that he take a picture of himself taking a picture.

This design serves two purposes: as a business card for contact information and as a display of his photography. Keeping example close at hand provides a visual reminder of his talent to clients and prospects. This design went on to win an award of distinction in a David E. Carter graphic design publication.

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