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Case Studies

Alexandra Leigh CrossBody Clutch

When a client sells a product that is difficult to describe, a picture is the best form of illustration. In the case of Alexandra Leigh, her handmade CrossBody Clutches require an explanation beyond their name. The original business card design showed a photo of a woman wearing the CrossBody Clutch.

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Carey Handley, Page by Page Graphic Design

Being a Graphic Designer has its advantages. I can change my business cards whenever I want. The flip side to this is that I have the most trouble designing for myself, hence, the eight designs shown here.

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Fulshear-Katy Area Chamber of Commerce

The Fulshear-Katy Area Chamber of Commerce requested a table cover that would look good indoors and stay in place at outdoor events. The table cover shown was suggested for it's tapered, stretchy fabric that fits taut and four interior pockets that house the table legs to keep the table cover...

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Gina Cornelius, GNA Inspections

Door Hangers are excellent marketing tools for some businesses. They are a non-intrusive way to connect with neighbors. As long as you have someone willing to do the legwork, they can be a very productive way to get your name into the community.

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Houston Care Manager

Lori Clark, founder/owner of Houston Care Manager, created a company to help elders and their families plan for the future, manage everyday care and gain support during crisis. She deeply cares for assuring elders get the assistance they need as they transition to a new stage of life.

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Houston Hops Vehicle Wrap

 The original plan for Houston Hops' mobile branding was vehicle magnets. These were ordered and used for several months before business owner, Lori Clark, decided she wanted to make more of an impact with her mobile branding. She contacted Page by Page to inquire about having her vehicle wrapped. 

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Lucy Chalcraft - Pure Belief

When Lucy Chalcraft came to me to design a logo for the company she had started, she had very particular ideas that she wanted translated into print. Providing me with a photo of a brooch she had of a New Zealand Fantail Bird, she stated that this bird was very...

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PerlaVision Photography

Sal Perla, owner of PerlaVision Photography, needed a logo and new business cards. After creating his logo, a mini-portfolio was designed for his business cards. What better way to showcase a great photographer than to use his photos on his business cards?A unique tri-fold business card was suggested as it...

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Tonja Moon, Moonlite-Health

Tonja Moon of Moonlite-Health needed a new logo along with business cards. As a Certified Health Coach, her focus is helping clients transform to be the best version of themselves. Her business identity needed to reflect the same thing about herself.Tonja is a Graphic Designer's dream client.

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