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Before and After :: TNT Boutique - Business Cards

After creating the new logo for TNT Boutique (see the additional TNT Boutique page in the Before and After section), the business card revision was discussed. As Tina Cain, owner of TNT Boutique, was interested in showcasing the upscale nature of her products and with the new logo scaled back, it was suggested that focus be put on highlighting her company through unique business cards. 


Highlighting the dynamic nature of "TNT", a vibrant red prism foil was chosen for both the TNT initials and the dot over the "i" in the word Boutique. A black background was added for contrast. The business cards are printed on 32 pt Silk stock with red colored edges. A photo of Tina along with additional contact information and a list of her services is on the back of the card. Tina reports that the cards are showstoppers and have increased her business as customers recognize she cares about quality. She says the cards must speak for her when she is not there and these leave a lasting, dramatic impact.

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