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Before and After :: Taresa Vigil, CPA

Sometimes, there's a client who wants something completely different and unexpected in their marketing pieces. Taresa Vigil, CPA is one of those clients. 

When asked to design a logo for her CPA firm, the initial thoughts were to do something traditional but that's not what Taresa wanted. We had originally tried to use money or finance related images to build around but it quickly became evident that Taresa wanted something that would elevate her and make her stand out among a sea of white, conservative business cards that she was used to seeing from many people in the same industry. So, attention was paid to finding a memorable typestyle and printing on a premium onyx Suede stock with two foils. The only graphic on the card is a nod to her original company, Amethyst Business Solutions. Contact information is on the back of the card, also in silver foil. Rounded corners soften the look of the card.


The takeaway from this client is that conservative industries don't have to have boring marketing collateral. The end goal is to have the marketing piece remain in the hands of clients and prospects and this card certainly succeeds in this.

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