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Before and After :: Suzanne Quaranta -Family Heritage


Suzanne Quaranta is a Field Director for Family Heritage Life, a supplemental insurance company. When it came time to reorder business cards, we discussed her current cards and how they could be enhanced by a shifting of information and a focus on both her and her company. The original business cards felt segmented and boxy. The back of the card held space for appointments; however, Suzanne stated that was unnecessary to have on her cards. Utilizing a new photo which better represented Suzanne, the image was then extracted from the background, enlarged and made the focal point. The Family Heritage logo wasn't utilized on the original card so that was also made prominent on the front of the card. The boxes and lines were removed from the front of the card for a more cohesive look. Supplemental information was added to the back of the card in place of the appointment scheduler. The combination of the new photo and the redesigned layout gives a much cleaner, more professional look.

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