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Before and After :: Quality Performance Transportation

Logo and Business Card Redesign


When considering whether to use or replace an existing logo for a business card redesign, thought must be given to how the image will be perceived by clientele. In the case of Quality Performance Transportation, the original logo appeared to be a combination of elements that were simply added rather than integrated. Add to that the difficulty of reproducing the image on items other than business cards (shirts, promotional products, additional marketing material) and the suggestion was made that the logo should be redesigned to better reflect the business and its owners. The redesign needed to be something that would be memorable, easy to reproduce and effective it its presentation.

Once the redesign of the logo was completed, consideration was given to the business card orientation and design. The horizontal design was switched to vertical to allow for easier readability. The back side of the original card was blank. In the redesign, the back space was used to list the services this business provides. The logo was centered and made prominent and the new business cards are cleaner, more informational and, mainly, more professional.

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