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Before and After :: Nick Premium Travel

Traveling to New Heights


Judy and Jerry Nick, owners of Nick Premium Travel, specialize in helping their clients achieve their travel dreams. They treat each client respectfully and take meticulous care of planning memorable vacations. They expressed that they were ready to elevate their company's look in print, retelling that on a recent trip to a travel convention, they were embarrassed to hand out their former business cards once they saw the cards from other companies.

While their original business cards reflected the sky which represented air travel, their actual business focuses on air, land and sea. They lacked a defining logo as well as a distinct business card identity.

A custom logo was created to show the different facets of their business and new, vertical business cards were designed. A tag line, "Where planning your travel is a pleasure we treasure," was added to reflect the joy they receive by helping their clients create memories. Multi-purpose note cards were also designed and printed which continue their branded identity.

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