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Before and After :: Era Kay Hill: New Name, New Look


I've known Era Kay Hill for several years. During this time, we've had the opportunity to discuss her business and the various looks she's had for her marketing and branding material. Her business, originally known as EK's Extra Hands, provides virtual assistant services to her clients. 

Through our conversations, I suggested that her original company name was unclear and did not necessary evoke a virtual assistant business. Instead, it could have suggested a domestic assistance service rather than professional services. I also mentioned that having it labeled as a one-person business ("EK's") might hinder business growth if she chooses to expand in the future.

Era Kay's most recent business card was black, gray and muted turquoise printed on a basic cardstock - a very dark look for a very vivacious business owner. It was my suggestion that we completely change the design, modify the colors and print on a more professional, upscale paper stock. In the interim, EK's Extra Hands went through a name change and is now known as 123 Virtual Assistant, a name more in line with her business type.

Era Kay hired me to create the logo for her newly branded company name in addition to designing and printing her business cards. I knew she wanted something that would be professional with an upscale twist so the logo was designed with that in mind. The new logo can be used as a standalone or with the company name. 

Business cards were printed on 16 pt Silk stock for a smooth feel. Two types of foil (pure silver and green prism foil) were used for the logo which encompasses the entire back of the card. A faux brushed aluminum background along with classic, readable fonts were used for the front of the card. This is a versatile card that can grow with Era Kay's business. She can choose to upgrade to 32 pt thickness and mirror the prism foil on the edges of the card. The main thing is that this is a card she can be proud to hand out to clients and prospects and one that reflects her in an appealing and memorable way.

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