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Before and After :: ER Katy New Rack Cards


ER Katy is a full-service, 24/7 Emergency Room staffed with only Board Certified ER doctors. They are a neighborhood alternative to big ER facilities, offering no wait times and complete diagnostics. 

As part of their print marketing, they were using 4" x 6" flyers printed on standard paper. They asked Page by Page to recreate their flyers because they needed to replenish their supply. They sent a photo of the back and front of their current flyer so we could see the information they needed listed.

We suggested they switch to a 3.5" x 8.5" Rack Card which would be printed on UV gloss-coated 100# cover stock rather than the lightweight stock they were currently using. This serves a few purposes: Rack Cards are designed to fit nicely in upright brochure holders which can stand on countertops for easier noticeability. The 3.5" x 8.5" size also offers additional space to spread out the current information and even add more without having it look too overwhelming. Plus the UV gloss-coated, thicker stock gives a more prominent and professional look and feel. 

The new cards have the same information than the old flyer plus we've added additional services and awards they have won. By spreading out the information rather than overcrowding as on the previous flyer, it is more likely that the information will be read. The new look elevates them in the eyes of those who receive the new Rack Card.

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