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Before and After :: Collette Horton - Liberty Star Mortgage


The offices of Collette Horton of Liberty Star Mortgage are filled with professionalism and a touch of whimsy. There's no question that Collette takes her job of helping consumers achieve their dream homes seriously. Talking with her about her company shows a deep commitment to her clients and illustrates her professional and personal integrity. 

When Collette asked for help in redesigning her business cards, she expressed that her current cards did not truly reflect her personality. She was looking for something that would break out of the expectation that people in her profession should have plain, boring cards. Pointing to a framed sketch on her wall, I asked if that Avatar, which I learned had been drawn for her, better reflected who she was. She told me it absolutely did and an idea was born.

Using her sketch and the sketch of an associate, I created business cards that allowed their personalities to shine. By the second printing of business cards, more staff had been added and each received their own sketch by the same artist who had originally done Collette's. The team's new business cards show a cohesiveness that is the trademark of Collette's company - a group of strong women who work hard and yet know how to bring their personalities to the forefront. Each person shines in her own way and can proudly hand out cards that will remain in the minds of clients and prospects even after the meetings conclude.

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