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Before and After :: Brown Eyed Girl Design by Roxie


Brown Eyed Girl Design by Roxie has been a client for some time but has been designing their business cards online. When they asked me to print their business cards, we discussed a redesign. 

While nothing is technically wrong with the Before front of the card, the back of the card had several issues including too many fonts and disproportionate information size. The owner's name is difficult to read and the type size for the important information (name and phone number are the smallest size and hard to read). The information for Social Media, website and online shop could benefit from a different layout.

To increase visual attention, our redesign changed the layout to a vertical card and now utilizes a fuller version of the Brown Eyed Girl graphic. The important contact information (store name, phone number and owner's name) are prominent on the front of the card. On the back of the card, the information has been reorganized for a cleaner, easier to read look and a mailing address was added. The typestyle is a clear, classic single font instead of the three that were previously used. 

The new card is easier to navigate and easier to read. A full UV gloss was added for shine. The additional colors, pulled from the graphic, are carried through to Brown Eyed Girl's other print products like tents, table covers and banners for a cohesive new look. 

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