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Before and After :: Aleyda Solis - Realtor


Aleyda Solis-Cano, a Realtor with FYI Realty, hired Page by Page to help her brand her real estate business. We created a new look for her business cards and signage, keeping the same image and information but updating and enhancing the way it is presented.

Aleyda's original business card used a standard "in-the-box" format with her photo on the left side and the rest of the information on the right side. The company logo was at the top of the card, a silhouette of a portion of the logo was at the bottom and the full logo was large across the back of the card. Our recreation included a new presentation of her name placed at the top, extracting her photo from the background and placing it on the right side of the card where the eye goes first (as we read top left to bottom right) and her company logo only on the back of the card, keeping her as the prominent feature on the front of her business card. Removing the background of her photo also removed the distractions and gives the message that she thinks "outside-the-box".

Additionally, we gave her card an upscale print treatment, using blue prism foil for both her name on the front and on the edges of the business card. The cards are double-thick, 32 pt Silk which is a much more elegant look than standard business cards and sends the message that she is a true professional.

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