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Before and After :: Active RX Sugar Land


Terri Barrow of Active RX Sugar Land is a referral client who was interested in rebranding her business. The current logo was inherited from previous owners and didn't reflect who she saw in herself or her business.

We pumped up the colors and used her history as a gymnast to create a logo that shows movement and grace. The logo has become more of a focal point than an afterthought.

After creating business cards and appointment cards, we have moved to signage and window vinyl to bring the new logo and colors to the forefront. Physical Therapy, which is the main component of her business, has been integrated into the logo as she had initially reported that people have driven by her location for years without knowing exactly what she does.

The new look is a reflection of the vibrancy that is evident in Terri's personality and a way to show clients the positivity that they receive as an outcome of her services.

We were honored to create this engaging new look for Active RX Sugar Land!

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