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Before and After :: Ace Kustoms - Randy Kashdan



Randy "Ace" Kashdan is a Master Craftsman who has built several wall units, desks, benches and laundry rooms for our family and many of our referrals. His work is exquisite and high-quality with a tremendous attention to detail. 

Because of the excellence he puts into each item he designs and builds, I suggested creating a business card that would showcase his work. While there were several ideas we discussed (printing on wood stock was one suggestion), we agreed on a tri-fold business card which would house photos of some of his designs. 

The front panel respects the original design with the main information repositioned to give importance to Randy's name, title and phone number. The tagline has been moved to the bottom of the card and the other contact information has been moved to the back of the card. The duplicate information that appeared on both the front and back of the original card (name, title, phone, email and website) has been removed to leave more room for the services he offers. 

As the card is opened, photos of Randy's work are throughout the remaining four panels. Prospects and clients can view photos of jobs he's built for other clients which is a great visual representation. Plus, current clients may not be aware of the scope of services he offers so the photo serve as a quiet sales tool.

Tri-fold business cards act as mini-brochures. They present much more information than a standard business card and still folds to standard business card size so they are compact for carrying and storing. They are an excellent idea for anyone wanting to showcase products or multiple services like Randy. The added benefit of displaying photos cements products and services in a way that text alone cannot.

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