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Tuesday Tidbits :: On Your Niche

I’ve had this client for nearly 20 years and when we first started working together, he would shake his head and say, “I can’t do what you do!” He’s a Realtor and one of the things I have created for him over the years were brochures on homes he’s had for sale. Well, I would turn to him and say, “I can’t sell houses!” We each have our own strengths and that’s what makes this world great!

For this reason, when I needed a wall unit built, I hired an expert carpenter. I hire a professional mechanic to fix my car, an incredible IT guy to work on my computer when it’s sick and on and on. I choose to spend my time doing the things I do best rather than attempt things best left to the professionals!

I hope these thoughts will lead you in my direction when you need high-quality designs and printing for your business materials. After all, what you hand to people is a direct reflection of you and my job is to make you look good! It’s also to make sure your Direct Mail/EDDM campaigns get read by consumers and to drive people to your door because they see that you take pride in yourself and your business. If you are handing out business cards that you printed at home or that are on low quality paper stock or even that are designed poorly, that’s how you will be seen by your audience.

Let’s talk about what I can do for you…I can’t wait…TO CREATE!!!

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