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Tuesday Tidbits :: On The Future

Regardless of how old you are, we all have a vision of what our Future will be or, at least, what we would like it to be. As for me, I don't think in specifics but I am kind of bummed that I won't be around to see what technology has in store for us in 100 years.

After all, it was 86 years ago that Dick Tracy was introduced to us and 71 years ago that the two-way wrist radio made its appearance. Many speculate it was the original smart wristwatch and, quite possibly, an early Apple Watch prototype! Just look at how far we've come in those intervening years!

When I thought about The Future when I was young(er), I saw myself married with two children and a career (I once wanted to be a lawyer until I recognized that my brand of logic didn't make sense to anyone but me!). Never did I think that I would have moved from Long Island to Texas, lived in Cairo, Egypt or been self-employed! The thought of being a Graphic Designer wasn't even on my radar as I had never heard of such a thing! Career counseling in my school wasn't exactly out-of-the-box thinking, either. The highlights were doctor, nurse, secretary, lawyer, teacher, etc.

I decided to pursue Graphic Design when I was living in Egypt and running a group for New Mothers. I wrote and designed a monthly newsletter with articles on motherhood which I distributed through the local community center. It wasn't expected, I hadn't studied it in college (with the exception of being an English major) and it turned out to be a passion which I parlayed into a career.

I think the fun of The Future is the surprise of it. Sometimes, the most unexpected things turn out to give us the most joy and satisfaction. So, I won't get to use the iPhone 86. That's okay because I have gotten to do so many wonderful things in The Future I didn't expect!

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