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Tuesday Tidbits :: On Thank You’s

It seems so simple a concept and yet it's something that seems to have fallen by the wayside. I'm talking about manners.

When I was growing up, my mother instilled upon me the time-honored tradition of writing Thank You notes - not just writing them, but writing them promptly. It was a way of letting my grandmother know I received the gift and that I greatly appreciated her effort to find something for me that I would like.

In this age of Internet shopping and mailing items directly to the intended recipients, it's doubly important to let someone know you received what was sent so they can make sure they didn't pay for something that never got there.

Plus, it's just plain courteous!

So, I always try to say Thank You. I'm one of those rare people that sends handwritten notes. Being a Graphic Designer, I created my own note cards – custom (with my logo and Avatar) and very reasonably priced. I have also created them for several clients and all of us get rave reviews for taking the time to hand write a note. I don't do it for the rave reviews. I do it because it's my nature to let people know I appreciate them. The personal touch is something that is meaningful and I'm glad to provide that!

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