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Tuesday Tidbits :: On Success

Do you consider yourself successful and, if you do, how have you measured your Success?

Growing up in the 1970's, my idea of Success was "having it all". I wanted a career (I wanted to be a lawyer once upon a time!) and a family. That, I assumed, was what Success looked like. You know what they say about the 'best-laid plans'. Needless to say, my career as a Graphic Designer is not quite practicing law, as I had once thought I wanted. However, I do have a career and I do have a family. So, I guess that would still count as being successful with a twist from what I originally expected.

But, Success can take many forms. To a movie producer, Success might be creating a #1 movie. An author's Success might be a New York Times Bestseller. An actor's Success might be winning an Oscar. To a lawyer, Success may be winning a multi-million dollar settlement for a client. Those are lofty goals, indeed.

What about the Successes that are quieter, yet still incredibly important?

How about an animal shelter that adopts out a senior dog who has lived there for several years? A child with Special Needs who begins to understand how to put sounds together to make words or is included in a social group? A person with physical limitations who is finally able to take a first step or wakes up one morning without pain? These Successes are every bit as important as the ones above.

Success depends on your point of view and on your place in the world. Who's to gauge their importance except the persons affected by them?

So, when you see someone fighting the quiet battles and they Succeed, be sure to celebrate them as much as that Oscar-winning actress whose path you will most-likely never cross. Help them realize that their Success means something. That bestselling author will know you liked the book because you purchased it, recommended it to others and maybe gave it a great review on Amazon but acknowledging the Success of someone who didn't expect it will mean more to them than you will ever know.


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