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Tuesday Tidbits :: On Research

I guess I must have been a Researcher in a previous incarnation. For as long as I can remember, I've loved to research.

Tell me I have a condition and I'm going to research it to make sure it's just a cold and not something more ominous. When I found out my daughter has Special Needs, I spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours researching her diagnoses and searching for excellent professionals to work with her. I wanted to make sure I did right by her and got her exactly what she needed.

In my business, research is invaluable. When a client recently wanted presentation (pocket) folders, I researched many sources to make sure I was getting the highest quality and best prices I could for my client. And, the times I have needed to research a certain design procedure so I could effectively create what my clients needed, I have done so with great joy because I love to learn! And, here's a bonus: I didn't charge my clients for the time it took me to research the processes - only for the time it took to complete the job. I didn't feel that my customer should pay for my learning curve.

If I don't know something, trust that I will find the answer. I like to think that my tenaciousness sets me apart from the mainstream.

Interestingly, I was once asked by a professional how long I would continue to push academics on my daughter with Special Needs. I was a little taken aback because, as I told this professional, I don't ever think I should stop encouraging her to learn. I think all of us, no matter our capability, can, and should, continue to learn as long as we can. That's one of the things that makes life fun. How boring everything would be if it stayed the same!

Research is one of the ways I can (and do!) make a my personal as well as my professional life!

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