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Tuesday Tidbits :: On Perfection

The idea of Perfection has changed dramatically through the years. In the early 1600's the idea of physical feminine beauty was the 'Rubenesque' figure based on the paintings of voluptuous women by artist Peter Paul Rubens. In the 1960's, the ideal woman might have been considered to be a boyish, skinny model nicknamed 'Twiggy'. Today, societal norms are anything but! While thinness is certainly still in vogue, Sports Illustrated brought so-called 'plus-size' model Ashley Graham to the forefront by putting her on the cover of their annual swimsuit issue and she has become somewhat of a role model for those who don't fit into the stereotypical standard of a cover girl.

What does this say about our society in general? This is inarguably a huge step forward in our perception of Perfection! It is an enormous statement into our changing views of aesthetics.

I'm a huge believer in striving for Perfection in my own world. Of course, I also recognize that Perfection can be somewhat unattainable and elusive. And, yet, I never give up searching for it!

No, I'm not perfect...far from it. There are a few lines around my eyes and my smile is a bit crooked. I can get cranky when provoked and I let my dog sleep on my bed (although my friends in the dog world can certainly identify that as a plus!). But, there are many things I do right and my daughter thinks I'm perfect. Let's not tell her any differently - I don't want to shatter the myth!

Instead of Perfection, maybe what we should be striving for is acceptance - in ourselves and in others. That doesn't mean we shouldn't continually try our best to be our best. But, it does mean that we perhaps should go easier on ourselves and realize that the standard of Perfection changes from time to time, year to year. Perfection is subjective.

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