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Tuesday Tidbits :: On Peanut Butter

As my mother will attest, I love peanut butter! When we were living overseas in Egypt and she came to visit us, we had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch nearly every day.

Peanut butter presents challenges. It sticks to the roof of your mouth and once it's there, it's hard to dislodge but that's okay because I absolutely LOVE peanut butter! It tickles me to watch my dog eat it. She looks even funnier than I do trying to manage a mouthful!

Peanut butter is healthy (sort of). Even though it has a certain amount of fat, it also has good protein and WebMD even says it helps control hunger and that people who snacked on peanut butter stayed satisfied for up to several hours and didn't experience weight gain!

But, some people are allergic to peanut butter which can cause serious medical problems and some people (unbelievably) don't even like it. Imagine that.

I mention peanut butter because the stickiness reminds me to "stick closely with friends and business associates" and to "stick it through" difficult times. It also reminds me that "even though you may like something, you may not be able to do anything about it" (like, perhaps, purchasing products - not because you're 'allergic' to them but for various reasons) and it reminds me that "not everybody is going to like a person, product or brand". And, all of this is okay.

So, I'm back to the main thing: "stickiness". I stick with those I know, like and trust. I'm loyal. Maybe loyalty is underrated in some circles, but in my house, I eat a lot of peanut butter.

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