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Tuesday Tidbits :: On Paper Stock

One definition of the word “TOUCH” is “the quality of something touched that imparts a sensation”.

When I work with clients, I consider not only the design I am creating for them but the paper stock it will be printed on because it’s all part of the visual and tactile package. Designs should be aesthetically pleasing and that refers not only to how something looks, but also how it feels.

I have to admit…I’m a bit fickle (at least when it comes to designs I create for my own business, Page by Page Graphic Design!). Sometimes, I might keep a business card design for many years and sometimes, I redesign my cards every few months. And, not only do I change my business card designs from time to time, I also change the stock they are printed on…just for fun! I have tons of paper samples and with more and more stock choices hitting the market all the time, I can change that, too!

When I started my business, I printed my cards on an Environmental paper stock. Then, I went to a nice 14 pt glossy card with UV coating for extra shine! From there, I went to a white opaque plastic card and I have just ordered another batch with a redesign of the card. I’ve chosen a silk laminated card with Spot UV. They should be arriving later this week. I can’t wait!

On a side note…my husband (also a client!) let me choose the paper stock for his law business cards and I chose suede with velvet lamination. Talk about a great feel! They are exquisite!

So, when you and I meet to talk about what I can design for you (business cards, brochures, door hangers, postcards/direct mail, etc., etc.), let’s also talk about paper stock. Because my goal is to make you look great!

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