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Tuesday Tidbits :: On Makeovers

There was a television show my daughter found years ago called, "Style by Jury". It was a makeover show and each episode started with hidden camera video which followed unknowing candidates around the city as requested by a friend or family member who nominated that person to be a contestant on the show.

After the opening video footage and an on-camera interview with the contestant, a two-way mirror was revealed along with members of a show-selected "jury" which had been watching the interview and had been making comments as to the initial presentation the candidate made. Needless to say, the candidate was surprised that they did not make the best first impression. After all, regardless of how that person looked to us, they thought they looked good.

I have to admit, I loved this show! The changes that the show's panel of experts made over the course of a week were outstanding. After the week's makeover, a second hidden jury had been chosen to make comments on the contestant's new look during a closing interview, unaware that they were viewing someone who had already had a makeover. They were commenting on the new first impression the contestant had made.

In nearly every case, the contestant was thrilled at the palpable difference in the first impression he or she had made to two separate juries. They walked away with an excitement to present their new look to the world. Happy tears flowed and plans were made to conquer the world, knowing they could put their (new) best face forward.

Much is the same in the world of business. As a Graphic Designer, I'm often called upon to give a client's logo, business card, brochure, etc. a makeover. When a client's marketing look hasn't been particularly effective or even when a client hasn't had consistency in their collateral material, these makeovers can, and do, make a substantial difference in the way the client is perceived in the business community.

To me, the real life joy that I see as a participant in this change beats being a viewer of the television makeover show hands down! And, that's why I do what I do.


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