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Tuesday Tidbits :: On Looking Out Windows

When I first started my Graphic Design career, I worked for a local family-owned storefront. One day, one of the owners questioned why I was looking out the window when they were paying me to work. I explained that I WAS working.

You've heard the old expression "A watched pot never boils." I can identify with that phrase because very few design jobs are created solely by staring at a blank computer screen. Words and pictures don't magically appear when I look at a blank monitor. If only it was that easy!

Even as I write this, I'm sitting down and looking out my window at nothing in particular. But, somewhere in that 'nothingness' come the words you're reading.

Sometimes, ideas come in funny ways. I'm looking at my back fence right now and noticing its texture. I'm hearing the sound of the lawnmower on the other side of the fence and I'm thinking 'motion', 'grass' 'green'. I see the puffy white clouds on a clear blue sky and I'm thinking 'texture'. Translate this into design terms and I've got a shape for a thought bubble or banner for a future design job which might be on a blue background. The green of the grass and the brown of the fence give me a color combination. The ideas aren't exactly cemented yet but that's when I will start to put those shapes and colors onto the computer and they will eventually be solidified into a client's design.

The point is that we never know where our ideas may come from or how they will be put together. So, when you see me looking around, it doesn't mean I'm not working. What it does mean is that I'm being inspired. And that's what creativity is all about!

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