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Tuesday Tidbits :: On Language Barriers

I took four years of Spanish in school and, amazingly, I remember quite a bit although I wish I remembered more. I think it would be much better to be able to have a spontaneous conversation with someone than to remember the first dialogue I ever learned in 9th grade. That only comes in handy when I talk with my buddy from Spanish class and we delight in trading lines from that dialogue, which, by the way, we continue to ace.

In the Graphic Design world, I regularly throw out terms like "resolution", "fonts" and "color space" and express concern over CMYK vs. RGB and when to use the Clone Stamp vs. the Spot Healing Brush. You know, life's important mysteries.

I try my best to simplify Graphic Design terms for my clients but I can still see blank looks sometimes when I explain that images with only 72 dpi resolution are not suitable for print and that I really need their pictures in 300 dpi if I'm going to make their print material look nice! That's a type of Language Barrier I face without ever speaking a foreign language like the aforementioned Spanish.

How much information is too much and how do I get my point across without being too technical all while giving my clients enough knowledge so they can provide what I need in order to best help them? The things that might seem too technical could possibly be the very things that make a critical difference in a producing a professional piece of marketing material!

Current and future clients? Let me hear from you!

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