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Tuesday Tidbits :: On Introductions

Sometimes, it's not about what you say but how you say it.

Recently, we added to our family and we carefully considered how the introductions would be made.

First, the whole family went for a visit to make sure everyone would get along okay. Now, I knew that everybody would be on their best behavior but first impressions are important so we discussed ahead of time the do's and don'ts of introductions. Everyone should be calm but assertive so confidence would be exuded. After all, we didn't want to bring someone into the family who would automatically assume they were the boss. Everyone knows that Mom is always the boss so that was already established.

Once Godiva licked the potential adoptee's face and stood still for butt-sniffing, I figured we were on the right track. Did you think I was talking about a baby human? Hardly! Nope, this beauty is a two-year old pup who will try to fill the void left by Delli when she passed earlier this year. Not a replacement, but a gift to Godiva. Everybody needs a buddy.

The same can be said about introductions when meeting new people (except for the face licking and butt sniffing, of course). How easy is it for you to introduce yourself to others, particularly at a networking meeting when your business very well can depend on the first impression you make?

There are times in these situations when we are more comfortable than others. It may be the number of people at the meeting, the format, the strength and leadership of the meeting's facilitator or whether you already know some of the people in attendance. Sometimes, if you network extensively, it may be hard to come up with new things to say or new ways to say them. I think that's where I get hung up most. But, I realize that all I can do it be myself and, hopefully, I can say something that will want to make people know more about me and my business.

Introductions are just ways to meet new people, make new friends, grow your business and, in some very special circumstances, make someone a part of your family.

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