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Tuesday Tidbits :: On Inspiration and Collaboration

Some of my best creative ideas happen when I sleep. There have been many times when I've woken up in the middle of the night, put on my fuzzy, white slippers and headed to the office. Good thing I work at home. Fuzzy slippers are generally frowned upon in Corporate America.

Some say that your dreams are an amalgam of your day's experiences and I believe that's true in some cases. Ideas sometimes swirl in my subconscious and accumulate like tumbleweeds based upon things, people and places I've seen during the day. I must not realize it's happening but it does because I've had middle-of-the-night inspiration that puts it all together, ties it with a neat little bow and makes me say, "I don't know where that came from but it totally ROCKS!"

My job is a mixture of Concept and Collaboration. I love meeting clients and spending time talking to them to learn who they are and what their vision is...not just for the job they've presented me with but for their businesses and their lives. That conversation, and the knowledge I get from asking lots of questions, gives me the direction I need to get started on their designs. That Collaboration is key - I need to know who you are so I can reflect that in your designs.

So, let's chat! And, then I'll be thinking about our conversation again when I'm up in the middle of the night in my fuzzy, white slippers saying, "I CAN'T WAIT...TO CREATE!"

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