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Tuesday Tidbits :: On Finding Your Happy

When you stop to think of how many people you've met throughout your life and will continue to meet, the number could be quite surprising. The statistics, gleaned from the are as follows:

"On average we live for 78.3 years. Most of us remember people we meet after age 5. Assume we interact with 3 new people daily in cities, 365 days in a year plus leap year days is 365.24. In total it will be (78.3 – 5) x 3 x 365.24 = 80,000 people" (the number, on average, that most of us will meet in the course of our lifetimes).

The percentage of adults age 18 and older who suffer with depression is estimated to be 6.9%, according to the National Institute for Mental Health. Additionally, 12.5% of children age 12-17 have also suffered from depression. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people walking around with depression. So, with these figures, how do we Find Our Happy?

Happiness is, of course, subjective and can vary widely depending on where we are in our lives. Happy can come and go quickly and unexpectedly. One of my favorite songs is "The Dance" by Garth Brooks. The key lines of the song read,

"Our lives are better left to chance. I could have missed the pain But I'd have had to miss the dance."

One interpretation of the lyrics is that In order to miss potential pain you can hide from potential happiness and deprive yourself of the joy that can come from living life to its fullest.

So, how do you Find Your Happy? Is it with your family? Your professional life? Travel? Photography? Music? ....or Dance? The song The Dance is as much about love as it is about loss. Listen to the song. Determine the way you hear the lyrics. It's like the illustrations you might have seen where you see one thing if you look at it one way and another if you change your perspective. And then, go Find Your Happy.

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