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Tuesday Tidbits :: On Creativity

I've always loved to create! When I was younger, it was by writing poetry. I tried my hand at being creative in the kitchen as a teen (knowing full well I couldn't cook). Let's just say that when I tried to make my own multi-colored cake I should have stuck with the basic colors. Everyone ate the red, blue and yellow but skipped the messy green that looked like mold. So, now I just stick to recipes.

When I create a mailer for Direct Mail or EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail), for example, my goal is to make sure that your piece will attract attention and get read and that means being CREATIVE! Too much text and you'll lose your audience. The other challenge is to keep from telling everything right up front. Give enough of a tease to leave them wanting to know more.

Your goal should be to get the phone to ring. Don't just Don't just teach...offer. That means giving something of value to make the phone ring. Use expiration dates as Calls to Action. Make them curious!

A quick note about Direct Mail or EDDM: to find out what type of offer will make the phone ring more, consider creating two mailers to be sent at two different times or to two different areas or with two different sets of criteria. Make the offers different. Make the design different. Use offer codes so you can tell which is getting the best response. Did you know that if you do a Targeted Direct Mail marketing piece that a list can be ordered to your specifications? You can specify what ZIP code, income level, family status, value of home, number of children, etc. that you want to target and that type of list can be ordered! Something to think about!

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