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Tuesday Tidbits :: On Courage

According to, Courage is defined as "the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc."

We generally think of Courage as describing someone who braves the flames to run into a burning building or jumps into raging waters to save someone who is drowning. My thoughts of Courage hit closer to home for me.

When I think of Courage, I immediately think of my daughter. We knew early on that she had Special Needs but through the past 22 years, we have watched her handle difficulty and disappointment with grace, humor and dignity. We have watched as she struggled through academics and never gave up though so much of it is grueling and frustrating for her.

We have watched as she was teased and bullied in elementary school only to have handled conflicts with resolutions that have been so perfectly executed that we stood in amazement because she handled the situations better than we could.

We have been impressed by her ability to endear herself to others and cheered as people have rallied around her and championed for her as much as we have. We have admired the way she has made her way in life with a smile - giving heart-felt compliments to others and offering encouragement to those who might also be struggling.

It warms my heart when I see my own friends genuinely love being around her because of the beauty of her spirit and the nature of her soul. She knows she will never live alone and will probably not even move away from home and that's okay with her. She's truly happy in life and every day she reminds me of the good that is possible in people.

When I think of Courage, I think of her. She tells me that I'm her hero. But, the truth is, she's mine. I realize how hard life can be for her and how challenging things are. And when I see the type of person she has become, I realize that every day, she has the Courage I wish I had.


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