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Tuesday Tidbits :: On Costumes

Not many of us have gone through life without having worn at least one costume. I wore the requisite store-bought costumes when I was young and didn't really come up with ultra-creative ideas until a few years ago when I decided to enter my Therapy Dog, Godiva, in a Canine Halloween Costume Contest.

Being somewhat of an overachiever, I also created costumes for my daughter and myself. I needed my husband's hands free to photograph and make sure the costumes stayed on properly so he didn't get a costume! The funny thing is that I never created costumes for my daughter when she was growing all started with the pup!

This year's costume theme allowed me to really stretch my creativity and use my Graphic Design skills. It all began last year...just after Halloween. I decided on a movie theme and carefully inserted Godiva's pictures into "Mary Puppins", "The Woof of Wall Street" and, on the main screen, "The Hound of Music" among other shows. I loved doing this because I was able to globalize my Photoshop knowledge and use it for something personal. I loved the challenge of matching Godiva's costumes with movies and coming up with my own versions.

So, you see, Graphic Designers aren't limited to the scope of their clients' jobs. Sometimes, it's all in good fun. Now that Halloween's over, it's on to create my VERY custom Holiday Cards! Looking for something a little different? A little more personal this holiday season? I can help!

(Oh, and to see all of the ‘movie’ covers I created for Godiva, go to her Facebook page (Lady Godiva Handley) and look in the Photos, then Albums section. There are over 60 of them!)

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