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Tuesday Tidbits :: On Consistency

We’ve all seen the McDonald’s Golden Arches; in fact, many of us don’t remember a time when they weren’t in our lives.

Now, imagine that one day you’re driving down the road and see Purple Arches in the distance. Your mind registers that you recognize the shape but the color throws you off and you’re not altogether sure what you will find when you get there. Is it McDonald’s or isn’t it?

The same goes with your business collateral material. I can’t stress enough how important consistency is! All of your collateral material MUST have the same look and feel for you to be easily recognized to your clients and potential clients.

DO use your logo consistently!

DO use your colors consistently!

DO use fonts consistently (and limit the number of fonts!)!

DO resize your logo proportionately!

and most of all…

DO seek guidance from a graphics professional for ideas and insight!

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