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Tuesday Tidbits :: On Cast Changes

I'm a fan of NCIS and other similar shows, many of them going through major casting changes this upcoming season. People who have grown familiar to us over the years have left and new faces are coming on board.

It's happened before. If you're an NCIS fan, you've seen Kate leave only to be replaced by Ziva. It was hard to accept in the beginning but the character of Ziva became wildly popular. The show survived and will, in all likelihood, survive without DiNozzo (although it will be hard!)

Change is inevitable but when you are in business for yourself, change can be scary. I started my business over 16 years ago and it was a tough decision to let go of what was comfortable. I had been doing graphic design for a local copy shop and decided that being self-employed fit better with my family situation and also with my ideas of a dream job. This way, during the days where my schedule was tight, I could work from home at nights, on weekends and in between other engagements. It was a great decision and I've never looked back.

Not to say that it's always been easy. But, it is rewarding. I am in full control of every aspect of my business. I'm very particular about everything from how I keep my files to how much time I spend meeting with my clients to how I want my business and note cards to look. My latest "Cast Change" was creating my new Avatar. Now, THAT was fun! And, I now have a look I love. I'd love to help you with your business look, too!

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