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Tuesday Tidbits :: On Best Laid Plans

As I approached adulthood more than a few years ago, I was certain I would marry at 24 and have my first child at 26. Life had other ideas.

I ended up not even meeting my husband until I was 30. By then, I was feeling pretty old. We married when I was 32 and our daughter arrived a few months before my 34th Birthday. So much for planning.

I've since learned that planning is great for some things (like making a shopping list before going to the grocery store to keep those impulse buys to a minimum) but for other things, it's worthless. There's an old saying, "“Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.” (Allen Saunders). Planning for the future, having goals and a plan to reach them is one thing but abstract plans are often beyond our control, like deciding to be married at 24.

For years as I was growing up, I had tried hard to find a career that I could keep forever but nothing ever really stuck in my mind. As such, I have had some very interesting (and some not-so-interesting) jobs and careers. I've worked in retail, done administrative work, been a radio DJ and later Music Director and have been a Graphic Designer for over 20 years. The one thing they all have in common? I did not plan them!

I've been amazed and perhaps a bit envious when someone has a career goal that they spend their life achieving. But, at least career-wise, my choices of professions have led me in a variety of areas and I've stretched myself beyond what I ever imagined I was capable of achieving.

And that thing about being married at 24? I'm okay with that because 2017 marks my 25th Wedding Anniversary. 21 years as a Graphic Designer and 25 years married. These are the things that make me immensely proud and they were done without planning them!

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