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Tuesday Tidbits :: On Appetizers

Last night, I met a friend of a friend who I'd been looking forward to meeting. She owns her own business which is very visual and although her logo is beautiful, her business cards don't reflect the spirit of her business. So, being someone who likes to share ideas that can help others, I took the liberty of offering some suggestions.

I explained that because of the nature of her business and the fact that this type of business is best illustrated with pictures, shouldn't her business cards reflect that? She answered that she would have a hard time selecting which photos to use. That, I explained, is where a designer's experience and thought process come into play.

A business card (or a brochure) is like an appetizer. Neither is meant to tell the whole story, just the highlights...sort of like a movie trailer which gives you just enough information to generate excitement and make you want to see the whole movie.

So, off the top of my head, I came up with several quick ideas of things she could do to generate that type of excitement with an unusual, evocative business card, matching mini-brochure and coupon.

I, too, had a great appetizer that night (soft pretzels with cheese fondue, but I digress). The real appetizer I had was meeting her and the others in the group and learning a bit about each of the participants. With this particular person, I learned enough to want to know more.

I hope she felt the same way about me and the ideas I shared out of my desire to help her succeed. Appetizers are great but the main course is what truly makes the meal.

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