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Article :: What’s So Great About Using an Independent?

Part 2: Looking Like You (unless you want to look like everyone else)

I recently produced one of my favorite jobs over the last nearly 20 years. A client came to me to redesign her logo and business cards for her upscale boutique. We’ve known each other for some time but this was the first job I had produced for her. She trusted that I would take what I knew of her already, listen to her goals and come up with something to truly reflect her personality and view of her business. I simplified her logo design and suggested printing her business cards from one of my premium lines. Her new business cards are double-thick, 32 pt silk stock with red prism foil and red colored edges. These cards elevate her in the public eye and she loves the looks that the cards bring when she presents them to others. Her comment was, “My business cards need to speak for me when I’m not there.” Her new cards are certainly memorable and she credits them for the addition of new clients because the upscale nature of the cards shows she values quality.

My own cards (currently) are also double-thick, 32 pt silk stock with pink colored edges to match my logo and Raised Spot UV for a tactile effect. I created an Avatar rather than use a picture and it helps people remember me when they look at my card.

In addition to saving clients money through skillful price comparisons, independents have no overhead and comparison shop through mostly wholesale vendors, offering clients the widest variety and best possible pricing. Retail locations generally have a limited number and type of offset and digital presses which means that there may be limits as to what can be produced in-house. Like me, local storefronts will often farm out projects that require UV, foil or embossing as they typically cannot be produced at most local print shops. Independents like Page by Page work with printers nationwide for the largest variety of print materials.

For example, two printers I work with produce the most exquisite business cards. Although these premium lines come with a higher price tag, they offer print processes and paper stocks that most local printers cannot print in-house which gives clients access to unique looks for their marketing materials.

The point of utilizing unique designs, stocks and processes is to make your business associates take a second look and see you in an improved light. Your marketing material must be attractive and effective and be a reflection of who you are. When time is spent creatively crafting your image, you look exceptional in the eyes of others.

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