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Article :: 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Design Your Own Logo

With all the logos that surround us, it’s tempting to create your own. Whether it’s to save on professional design fees or to scratch a creative itch, the reasons may seem worth it, but there are legitimate reasons why you should reconsider unless you are a professional graphic designer or artist. 

  1. Professionalism. While we may think our do-it-yourself designs are spot-on, the fact is that many are not. Simply putting your company name on top of a graphic does not constitute a professional logo. Designs and text should be integrated and not look like an afterthought. Graphics should be proportional, text should be easy to read at any size. Logos should represent your company professionally.
  2. Vector Files. If you are using software like Microsoft Word, Publisher or even Photoshop to create your logo, you are creating raster images. This means that your DIY logo will look good at the size it was created or smaller but enlarging the logo may cause problems. Well-designed logos should be created in a vector program like Adobe Illustrator so they will look great at any size. If you try to enlarge a logo and it becomes blurry or pixelated (choppy), you probably created a raster image which is not the best bet for logos that may need to be printed larger later. While you may think you’ll never need large format items, consider that in the future, you may need car magnets, table covers, banners or signage.
  3. Color. Unless you know the difference between web colors and print colors or know the basics of how color reacts during different print processes, you may find out the hard way that the color you wind up with is not how it was supposed to look. Certain colors may look great on your computer monitor but shift significantly when printed. A designer’s fan swatch book may minimize potential problems but a good working knowledge of print and web colors plus an understanding of various print processes is important.
  4. Investment. You’ve spent time and money getting your business started. You’ve picked the perfect name for your company. You’ve meticulously filled out paperwork, opened a bank account and created a business plan. Perhaps you’ve consulted a lawyer, an accountant and a business coach. These all constitute an investment into your business. Your logo will be your company’s identifier for years to come, possibly for the life of your business. It makes good sense to hire a professional to create the touchstone of your business.
  5. Creatively Speaking. If you’re like me, it’s sometimes hard to take an objective look into something you’re close to, whether it’s clothing, a term paper or your logo. The hardest business card I’ve designed is my own. When we’re invested in the outcome, our objectivity is sometimes skewed. Having someone outside the business handling the creative aspect of logo creation assures an unbiased and detached view. A professional artist or designer will balance your goals with current trends to create something uniquely you.

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