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Tuesday Tidbit #25: On Works of Art

I CAREfullY HANDLE Your Business Identity!

What constitutes a 'Work of Art'? I believe there is no clear-cut definition. After all, art is subjective.

I have visited some of the world's best museums: The Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan, The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, The Egyptian Museum in Cairo, The National Archaeological Museum in Athens, The Louvre in Paris. I've done all that even though I'm not really a 'museum person'. But, I do recognize things of extraordinary historical significance. My idea of what constitutes a great work of art certainly differs from other people's view. As I said, subjective.

I love taking pictures and occasionally, I get lucky and take a nice photo. I might even grow up to be a good amateur photographer if I could ever learn to get the darn camera settings off of Auto. But, as long as I like my photos, isn't that all that matters? I once asked a photo print shop's opinion on what type of paper a particular photo would look best on and was told that it was totally my decision. There was no right answer. I chose a metallic photo paper which really captures the light from the large window in the room where I hung the picture. It makes me happy to walk in my home and see how the light bounces off the metallic paper and give a shimmer to my photo. It doesn't matter if anyone else likes it. To me, it's a Work of Art.

When I design collateral material for my clients (meaning business cards, brochures, postcards, etc), I'm not only thinking about how I can really enhance each client's appearance but I'm giving great thought to what the product will be printed on because each filters into the equation of good design. Taking a handsome design and printing it on 'cheap' paper will not enhance the look of my clients in their clients' eyes. But take a great design and print it on Silk Laminate, Suede with Velvet Laminate, Pearl Metallic or with Spot UV, for example, and you get not only something that looks nice but also feels nice. The tactile sense is also very important in design.

Do I create 'Works of Art' in my Graphic Design business? Again, that depends on your definition of that phrase. While my designs may not be found hanging in a museum, if they make my clients happy, that's what's important. I always approach every job as if I was truly creating a Work of Art. Because, to my clients, it's every bit as important. 

Remember: I'm a Graphic Designer and I CAREfullY HANDLE Your Business Identity! (My name is in that phrase!)

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