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Tuesday Tidbit #24: On Limitations

I CAREfullY HANDLE Your Business Identity!

What do you think of when you hear the word 'limitations'?  And, how do you go about reaching beyond limitations?

Some limitations may be insurmountable. I remember a conversation I had with a friend more than 25 years ago. He insisted that if I really wanted to learn to play the piano (as an example), that I could. All it would take are lessons and a great deal of practice. I disagreed.

I said that, even if I wanted to learn to play the piano, I could never master it. I may be able to learn to read the notes (I was a drummer once upon a time so I could actually read notes but not melody) but I did not have the innate talent to make the notes sound like decent music. Some things, I contended, you had to be born with and I was not born with the talent I could hone into becoming a pianist. Besides, I'm a bit uncoordinated so making two hands and my feet do different things at the same time would be, perhaps, impossible. That's why as a drummer, I was content playing snare drum and bass drum (although not at the same time) rather than playing a drum kit. And, yes, I did try. I took lessons and practiced a great deal on my drum set but I could never master the set. And that was okay because I recognized my limitations and went with my strengths.

What limitations do you face in business? Is it the mechanics of your business (if you sell cars, can you comprehend the mechanical features of each vehicle enough to explain and answer questions about them?) or is it a fear of addressing a group which makes networking very difficult for you? Are these limitations you can overcome? Maybe...maybe not.

In my business of Graphic Design, there are always new skills I can (and do) learn when it comes to layout, photo editing and design. The fact that I sometimes reach for tutorials means that I can take what I call 'temporary limitations' and turn them into permanent skills. And, since I love to learn, even the tricky skills I want to learn create excitement and cause me to crave overcoming these 'temporary limitations'. 

I may never learn to play the piano or a drum kit and that's okay. Because I found goals that I really want to attain and I constantly work to get better than the person I am right now. That means overcoming limitations like skills I need to learn or getting out there and networking to become more comfortable addressing a group. I love learning from others - whether it's an online graphics tutorial or listening to how others network. I love the possibilities! I love to learn! And, I love my career!

Remember: I'm a Graphic Designer and I CAREfullY HANDLE Your Business Identity! (My name is in that phrase!)

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