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Tuesday Tidbit #23: On Where You Wear Your Heart

I CAREfullY HANDLE Your Business Identity!

When my daughter recently broke the fourth toe on her left foot in a big way, my motherly instinct was to immediately rush to her and give her comfort but I didn't want to alarm her. The look on my face after seeing her toe (which was hanging sideways) could have set her off and made her even more scared than she already was.

It reminded me of when she was younger. If she fell, I would wait, do a quick assessment to make sure nothing serious happened and then calmly walk over to her. 9 times out of 10, this thoughtful action kept her from overreacting and it calmed me down, too.

So, where do you wear your heart?

There are those of us who wear it so visibly that people know exactly what we're thinking or feeling. Is that a good thing? Maybe. Maybe not.

There are times, I believe, that it's beneficial to let people know what you're thinking or feeling and times when the way you want to be perceived is with strength. After all, no one wants to always hear us complain. But, then again, they do want to know we're human and that we care about others. So, it's a balancing act. 

Obviously, my daughter knew I cared about her. In the aftermath of the accident the other night, I was right by her side comforting her. But, by not overreacting, I gave her the ability to remain calm and me the ability to think more clearly. 

I can't say I always exude that type of strength but I can say that I do allow people to know I care - personally and in business. That's my perfect balancing act.

Remember: I'm a Graphic Designer and I CAREfullY HANDLE Your Business Identity! (My name is in that phrase!)

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